Monday, December 09 2019



Best Baby Names in 2017



Choosing a name for your child can be an overwhelming decision, especially for the first baby. You are looking for a unique name that is original but not too far out there, and that will help your child stand out in a positive way. The trends in 2017 point to a continuation of old-fashioned names keeping their popularity with Olivia and Noah holding the top spots on many lists. While many people opt for a family name to honor an older relative, many new parents want something fresh and unique for their child. Even if you are looking for something new and different, a look through the family tree may yield some good options, especially as some many old names are coming back into fashion.

One popular naming device is the first names of the child’s grandmother or grandfather. This allows both sides of the family to feel included and represented and gives the child a sense of their family history. Many mothers also like to use their maiden names as a middle name for one of their children and is another great way to add some family history to the new generation. If you are going back into the family archives for some name ideas you can also choose a name that is influenced by a relative without being exact. The current trend of Aiden, Ayden, and Aeden are all variations of other names. Likewise the numerous Catelyn, Kaytlins, and Caits that are now in elementary school.

In addition to family members, parents also look to pop culture to glean some ideas for interesting names. Carrie and Rey, two girls’ names influenced by the Star Wars franchise are rising quickly up the list. And the release of the popular A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix has caused the unlikely Sunny and Klaus to rise hundreds of spots higher. There is a lot of discussion about the hit HBO show Big Little Lies and the influence this popular program may have on children’s names. Keep your eye on Celeste, Bonnie, and Perry to see if these musings bear fruit. Who knows, we may even see some kindergarteners in the next five years with unusual and unexpected Game of Thrones monikers.

With second and third children the need for all of the siblings’ names to mesh well creates added tension. You can create a mix of both traditional and trendy names or keep them all aligned in one category. Some families like to have all of the names begin with the same letter, or have some type of theme relating to each name. With Olivia, Isabella, and Emma in nearly every top ten list it is easy to find popular names all ending in A. Last names as first names are also gaining on the trendy baby list with Mason, Schuyler, and Jackson leading the way.

Whatever name you choose for your newborn, be sure that it is one that will have a positive effect on their lives!