Monday, January 27 2020



Best Original Streaming Content



As more and more Americans get their entertainment via the internet the offerings from today’s main streaming platforms, Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, continues to get better and better. These platforms continue to invest in original programming that is of incredible quality and is changing the way we watch television. Netflix seems to have the lion’s share of must-see original shows, but Amazon and Hulu are not far behind. The Emmys are increasingly recognizing streaming shows and the platforms respond by producing even more worthwhile content. Below are a few suggestions to get your streaming started:

House of Cards (Netflix) - Frank Underwood and his wife Clair are two power hungry Washington pols that take no prisoners. This remake of a British hit was one of Netflix’s first original content hits, and now years later, continues to create quality viewing. The series is chilling and dark with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright absolutely embodying their roles as the ultimate power couple.

Stranger Things (Netflix) - Gen Xers and late Millennials will love this show for its nostalgic nature that is reminiscent of ET and other 80s films. This charming program follows three friends as they search for their missing friend. The kids are a joy to watch and it is great to see longtime favorites Matthew Modine and Wynona Ryder back on the screen. Recently renewed for a second season it will be interesting to see where Eleven and the boys end up.

Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon) - you don’t have to be a classical music fan to watch this show, but all classical music buffs will surely love it. Gael Garcia Bernal plays conductor Rodrigo De Souza in this sweeping series that combine drama and humor and a lot of beautiful music. Bernal’s eclectic new conductor has an interesting transition period when he takes over a metropolitan symphony that is filled with fraught musicians and glorious music.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) - this adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name shows us a dystopian future that can spine tingling at times. Elisabeth Moss, of Mad Men fame, plays Offred who must reluctantly give birth to the Commanders’ child. The series focuses on the role of women in the future period where they are utilized for childbirth but not much else. This series has become one of the most discussed programs in recent memory and is definitely one to watch.

Casual (Hulu) - modern dating via websites and apps is now the norm and Casual explores the dating and family life of a stunted thirtysomething who created a dating app called Snooger, using matching algorithms. When his divorcing sister and her teenage daughter move in with him his life changes in a lot of ways and stays stuck in others. This ensemble cast has great chemistry and the writing is top-notch as the family navigates their changing lives.

If you are looking for quality programming, don’t forget about streaming services and their impressive original content offerings. These streaming platforms continue to produce great original series that are worth watching.