Wednesday, July 17 2019



Best Time to Visit Venice



You have heard of the piazzas, gondola-filled canals and wide-open vistas of the Adriatic Sea. Whether you are planning a trip to Italy to cross that item off your bucket list or going on a culinary exploration, Venice is undoubtedly on your itinerary. Before you book your trip, you will need some insider tips to make sure you reserve your hotel room when the best festivals are happening or perhaps after the crowds have vanished for the winter. You will need to decide if you are stopping for the glass factories, warm Summer air, or to experience the annual acqua alta (high water). The best time to visit Venice is the season that best suits your style.

Are you looking for a party? Carnivale is an annual celebration that takes place over two weeks in February or March. While the weather remains chilly, the nights heat up with masked parades, dancing, music and indulgence. The colors and excitement of modern society take over the aging canals and bridges as the city revels. During the day, there is still plenty of time to explore the canals, eat in the piazza, and stroll through the galleries of glass and art. Just remember to pack your sweaters for the air off the water will eat through your bones.

After the excess of Carnivale, the city moves into Easter, which kicks off the major tourist season. You will find flowers blooming in the piazza, and riding in the canals with a sweet spring breeze on the air is a real treat. Hotel rooms begin to raise their rates, but there is still room to maneuver before the summer holidays arrive. The city is filled with beautiful and historic churches where you will have the chance to celebrate the biggest holiday on the Christian calendar in truly stunning surrounds. The latest fashions fill the boutiques and you will have the opportunity to explore the showrooms of the world’s most respected glass factories.

It is true that the weather in the early summer is the best for visiting Venice, Italy. Cooling air blows in from the lagoon and you will love taking a gondola ride in the late evening as lights appear in all the windows along the canal. However, finding a hotel room and the space to take that restful deep breath can be a challenge. This is the height of the tourist season, so restaurants, museums, and even gondola rides can require reservations. By late summer the crowds begin to thin, but for good reason. The canals become stagnant in August and mosquitoes become a serious problem. You might think you are getting a bargain for your room, but the smell of the city will say otherwise.

Should you be the person who values peace of mind over warm weather, consider exploring Venice in October or November. The room rates are at their lowest and the freezing temperatures of winter haven’t taken over yet. With a sweater and pair of thick socks, you are free to explore all the hidden corners of this island city without bumping into other tourists. But bring your boots! The annual Acqua Alta can arrive at any time resulting in flooding. Just remember that you are visiting a city that literally sits on the water, so it’s all part of the experience.