Monday, January 27 2020



Fall Music Festivals



Summer is peak festival time but autumn gives it a run for the money. As the air turns crisper and the leaves begin to change, the time is right to get outdoors and enjoy some great tunes. There are a number of great festivals throughout the country, even after Labor Day, and these 3 festivals are worth your consideration as you make your autumn travel plans. New Orleans, Miami, and Austin are all great music destinations and these festivals will enhance your visit even further. And as these three festivals are relatively new, you will increase your street cred as a true music aficionado.

Voodoo Experience in New Orleans will be held October 27-29 is scheduled over Halloween weekend and costs $140 for the entire event. This music and arts event features headliners the Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Kendrick Lamar, and the Foo Fighters. New Orleans is a special town any time of year but they pull out all the stops for Halloween. This festival and the Halloween celebrations are beginning to rival Mardi Gras as a preferred time to visit.

In the Wynwood section of Miami, the III Points festival is quickly becoming a destination festival for art and music lovers the world over. From October 13-15 performers like the xx, Gorillaz, and Rufus du Sol will create the musical background for this arts intensive event. Wynwood is now a fully fledged arts district and the III Points allows the neighborhood to shine. In addition to music, there are lectures, multiple art installations and various celebrations of the creation of art, all for $190. If you haven’t visited Wynwood yet, it is worth the trip and with this great lineup why not go during the III Points extravaganza?

Austin, TX is known both for its love of music and all things quirky. The two collide in the newly created Sound on Sound festival that runs this year from November 10-12. Highlighted performers include indie darling Iggy Pop, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kehlani, and Grizzly Bear. $189 for the weekend includes all of that great music and the satisfaction of contributing to The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians which is a very worthy cause. Pack a costume if you are feeling adventurous as this is one festival where anything goes.

Now that summer is over, the musical celebrations do not have to stop. Autumn is becoming more and more popular for outdoor concerts and festivals and when the weather holds it can be the perfect time to be outdoors soaking up the tunes. Every year more festivals are added to the roster and it can be tough to tell which are going to stick around. These three fall festivals show every sign that they have what it takes to become annual events well into the future. The great lineups and multiple satellite events make these three worth the trip. It’s time for summer to share the stage a little and for these fantastic autumn festivals to get their due.