Sunday, September 15 2019



Family Fitness Habits



Want to develop a family fitness habit? Doing so may be easier said than done. Motivating people to put down their smartphones and get their bodies moving can be difficult. Let’s face—it’s simply easier (and more immediately addictive) to get lost in texting, Netflix or online games.

That said, fitness is important for the whole family. So, how can you get the family excited about exercise? Consider these tips:

1. Go camping! Camping is the gateway to so many other things. Hiking, boating, swimming and mountain biking are all within reach of fun family camping trips. And while you’re out, you can have camp fires, play games, eat snacks and have fun. The point is you’ll be outdoors with the chance to participate in fun outdoor activities.

2. Go biking! Bikes are good for the whole family. Ride from your home, or get an inexpensive bike rack and take your bikes to your favorite park. Biking is as easy or as strenuous as you’d like, and you can set goals of biking to fun places. Want to get the family excited? Why not try biking from the park to a favorite ice cream shop?

3. Take martial arts! Martial arts can also transcend age boundaries. Sign up and take family classes, or put your kids in a children-only martial arts class. This is a great activity for kids who don’t start off with lots of athletic ability.

4. Frisbee golf! Frisbee golf courses are popping up all over the country, and most of them are free to use. If you have a frisbee, you can play! And people of all ages tend to love flinging the frisbee.

The key is making fitness fun. Do that, and establishing a fitness habit isn’t as difficult as you might think.