Monday, January 27 2020



Favorite Healthy Snacks for Your Family



Processed foods and snacks are not a healthy alternative for anyone, especially kids but snack time can be a challenge after your child tires of raisins and apple slices. Finding a few healthy alternatives to add to the menu will satisfy them and make you feel better about their nutrition. We have a few ideas that are easily adaptable and can even be made with your child’s help to teach them the importance of good nutritional choices. These three healthy snacks are also perfect for the family on the go as they are easy to prepare and can be stored until needed. You can build on these suggested snacks and personalize the ingredients to fit the tastes and preferences of your family. Smoothies, quesadillas, and sweet potatoes offer a lot of options for various healthy snacks while keeping prep time to a minimum!

Smoothies can be made with ice, milk, or yogurt as a base and from there the possibilities are endless. Fruit smoothies are a favorite of many children and are a great option for after school. Veggie smoothies may be a harder sell depending on your child’s tastes but there are plenty of greens such as avocado and spinach that kids are already eating. Try mixing up different and delicious ideas with their help as a way to encourage them to try new foods. Almond and coconut milks can be substituted to accommodate lactose intolerance or other digestive issues.

Another versatile snack that is easy to eat on the run is quesadillas. This handy sandwich can be filled with anything and the cheese base gives your kids some necessary calcium and fat. Use olive oil instead of butter to sauté the tortillas and use organic and fresh ingredients to fill them. Quesadillas are perfect for picky kids that want a switch from a typical grilled cheese. Sneak a few spinach leaves or other greens, it’s a great way to up their veggie intake. Add mushrooms and grilled chicken breast and this snack will take them through soccer practice without any hunger pangs!

If you are looking for a healthy and filling snack try sweet potatoes in any of their yummy forms. From fries to homemade chips to hash browns, these spuds are packed with vitamins A and are an easy source of B6, vitamin C, and folate. Making chips is a great family activity and they will last long enough that batch cooking is an option. Creating fun and tasty dips for this snack adds to the fun and is a simple way to start introducing new tastes and ingredients into your child’s diet.

These three examples give you an idea of how easy it can be to steer your family toward healthy snacks without sacrificing taste! Try cooking together as a family one weekend day and make batches of snacks that will last for the entire week. Involving the kids in the grocery shopping is another way to teach them how to make healthy choices when it comes to food.