Thursday, June 20 2019



Finding the Best Back Pain Treatment



Find the right treatment option for back pain! The top back pain treatment options can help you find relief and potentially reverse back pain problems for good. While a number of pain-relieving medications work wonders in relieving the pain itself, there are also a number of procedures that can be done that get to the root of the problem. As we age, back pain will only get worse and more frequent, taking a toll on our well-being. Regardless, it isn’t normal and shouldn’t be ignored, especially if it is preventing you from doing physical activities, including the things you need to do like chores, and all the things you love to do too. If you are tired of suffering from back pain problems, read on to learn about the top back pain treatment options!

Tramadol is an excellent pain reliever for back pain, but it is only available by prescription. If you have back pain, you’ve probably tried numerous over the counter pain relievers like Aleve, Tylenol, Advil and maybe even aspirin. Tramadol, however, is a prescription medication that is too strong to be sold at your local supermarket. As a mild synthetic opioid, tramadol can be used to treat mild to moderate pain. Because it is not a true opioid, it comes with the very little risk of addiction. Nonetheless, there is some risk of dependence, which is why it is a controlled drug. It works effectively in reducing back pain and also increases feelings of well-being. It should be noted that is not intended for long-term use, although if needed, it is possible to prescribe it for a longer term. Side effects of tramadol include nausea, upset stomach and possibly vomiting.

Physical therapy is an exceedingly useful tool in dealing with back pain, and much healthier for the body as it does not require any medications. Physical therapy options include active and passive treatment. Passive treatments involve the use of heat, cold, or even electrical stimulation. Heat pack and cold packs are a common way to deal with back pain and often you can use them at home by yourself. However, other therapy methods such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation are best performed by a medical professional. Active physical therapy options include special exercises and stretches that will strengthen your back and increase your range of motion. A physical therapist might also try low-impact aerobic training that is easy on your back but will nonetheless work to strengthen it.

Another terrific treatment for back pain, called spinal decompression, sounds a lot worse than it is. With spinal decompression, a motorized traction is used to stretch the spine and change its position. In doing this, the pressure is taken off of the disks in your spine that provide a cushioning for your vertebrae, which also takes pressure off the nerves to help relieve pain. Additionally, spinal decompression encourages water, oxygen, and nutrients to pass through the spinal disks so that they can heal, preventing pain from lingering. It’s important to note that this is a completely not surgical option that is totally non-invasive. You can actually wear your clothes during the procedure and the machine is operated remotely by a computer. Talk to your doctor about this or any of the treatment options mentioned above.