Monday, January 27 2020



Planning Your Family Game Night



In an effort to minimize children’s “screen time” many families around the country are implementing old fashioned game nights. The premise is simple, order some pizza, gather friends and family, and play some traditional board games - no devices needed. It is a great and effective idea that will soon become a part of your family’s weekly routine. There are many games available and some are better suited to certain personalities than others. With all of the games currently available which are the best choices? You can always implement a game rotation and allow one person to choose each week’s game. Some families have a favorite that they return to week after week, while others like to try something new every time. Whether you are looking for a game that can accommodate a large group, something more educational for a quiet evening, or a game that is rambunctious, there is a game out there for every taste and mood. Let’s break it down into a few categories and look at the top options in each:

Classic - Monopoly, Pictionary, and Yahtzee
These traditional board games are still around because they are highly entertaining and a lot of fun for all ages! Yahtzee is perfect for a rambunctious group that enjoys a fast pace and fun opportunities to yell out. Pictionary works well when you have a large crowd and want to compete in groups. And Monopoly is perfect for a small group that can’t wait to buy Boardwalk and Park Place!

Word Games - Scrabble, Cranium, and Funglish
Who said learning can’t be fun? These three word games will help your children to enhance their vocabulary and strengthen their reasoning skills, all while having a great time! Critical thinking and problem-solving are important skills for children of all ages to master and these games can help to improve their understanding of these concepts.

Action - Jenga, Charades, and Twister
If your family members are not the quiet types, these fun games will provide some action. If you are going to play a game of Twister be sure to be ready to laugh as friends and family get tied up in knots! Jenga is a bit more sedate but will still get the blood pumping as you try to take down the tower. Charades is a classic party game that is perfect for team participation and a lot of fun.

Game night means something different to every family and the trick is to find the games that work best for you. These nights together are a great way to bond with your family and get to know your children’s friends better. By switching out isolating mobile apps and games for some that are participatory, you will help your children increase their social skills and learn to operate without their devices. Even if they complain at first, they are sure to soon start having fun in spite of themselves. Make game night a weekly occurrence and enjoy the special time spent with friends and family.