Monday, January 27 2020



Teak Furniture



If you’ve ever dreamed of a beautiful, relaxing patio, you probably imagined teak patio furniture. Teak is a widely popular wood that is used to create strong, durable, and gorgeous furniture, especially outdoor furniture. Teak is used to make everything from lounge chairs, to tables, to dining sets, as well as for benches and outdoor cabinets to store cushions and gardening supplies. The possibilities are endless with teak because it is so versatile.  No paint is required - all you have to do is change the color of your cushions and other decor. The hue of the teak complements any theme. Not only are teak furniture pieces beautiful right off the sales floor, but they last for years. Teak has naturally occurring rubber and oils to help minimize the required maintenance to keep your furniture looking great. You can get this amazing furniture at discount prices. Read on to learn the 8 things to know about getting discount teak furniture this spring and where to get it.

First, teak furniture is widely available, but prices will vary depending on where you buy it. For high quality teak patio furniture at a great price, you should check out stores like TeakWarehouse, Wayfair, and Overstock. If your budget is a little bit more flexible, you can also find teak furniture at home improvement stores and department stores such as Macy’s.

Teak furniture isn’t usually the most affordable option for patio furniture. If you aren’t sure that you’ll want teak patio furniture for a long period of time, you might want to skip it. Teak furniture is such high quality that it should be considered an investment.

Teaks can come with your choice of finish. You can leave it technically unfinished to allow it to get that classic shabby chic silvery gray color over time through weatherization. You can also elect to get the golden brown teak glow finished with a sealant to make the color last.

If you want that golden glow to last longer than a year, you should oil your teak furniture. Consistent and regular maintenance is the key to keep that warm color vibrant. It also can prevent decay. However, using low quality oils can promote the growth of mold or mildew. If you do choose to use oils to preserve the teak, you should also use a cleaning agent to prevent such microbes from growing.

Not all teak wood is the same. Upscale teak retailers usually only sell patio furniture that hasn’t been pretreated, and only sanded down for smoothness. You can request treatment after you purchase it to protect against weathering. Discount teak patio furniture may or may not be pretreated, but you should always check for imperfections in the wood.

Discount teak furniture might not always been of the highest quality compared to full price items. If you find a discounted piece you enjoy, you can extend the life of the furniture by using products such as AuthenTeak Cleaners and Protectors.

Teak is so expensive because it’s relatively exclusive. It is only grown in a small section of the world. It is also frequently grown by eco-friendly farmers that pass on the costs of sustainability to the customer. For these reasons, it is considered relatively rare and exotic.

You should always be aware of why the teak furniture you’re purchasing is discounted. Unfortunately for more eco-friendly customers, the costs may have been cut in the harvesting department. Usually, teak is harvested in an environmentally friendly way, but these methods can be expensive.