Sunday, December 08 2019



Which Video Game System is Best?



Video games are a source of endless entertainment, and they’ve never been more real than they are today. The PlayStation 4 and XBox One impress with their fast processors and high-resolution graphics; in fact, Sony and Microsoft recently launched 4k resolution models of their immensely popular game systems. And now the Nintendo Switch is on the scene. Although the Switch doesn’t offer the same graphical power as its competitors, it offers an entirely new twist on gaming that has critics and customers wanting more.

But which system is best? Which one is most deserving of your hard-earned cash?

If you’re a hardcore gamer, then nothing beats the PlayStation 4. From its launch day, the PS4 has offered an unbeatable combination of exclusive games, exclusive game content and triple-A titles. In addition, the PS4 is the most powerful console of the three big options. Sony is already planning its PlayStation 5—and a release date could be announced within the year—but now is still a great time to invest in a PS4. Recent big-name titles include Final Fantasy XV, Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2. By no means is this system being put out to pasture.

But what if you’re not a hardcore gamer? From here, the XBox One and Nintendo Switch become better options. The XBox can often be found for cheaper than the PS4, and it offers current-generation visuals and performance. The Switch is closer to the failed Nintendo Wii U than the PlayStation 4 in terms of power. Also, the XBox has a significantly bigger library.

Don’t count out the Switch though. No other console has ever provided such versatility for gaming. The handheld Switch is the actual console; dock it to your TV and go big, or take it with you to work, school or to bed. The Switch’s game lineup is noticeably short on AAA titles, but Nintendo continues to produce some of the best exclusive games on the market. The hit title “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” was recognized by many critics as the game of the year and possibly the best entry in the storied Zelda franchise.

So, which gaming system is best for you? Many see the XBox One as on the outside looking in. The PS4 has cornered the market on hardcore gaming, while the Switch has solidified its value as a legit second console. Compare prices in your area and get the console that best fits your playstyle.